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Submit your ICO

Bounty programs allow you to receive free cryptocurrencies (tokens) on ICO (Initial Coin Offering) without investing money and also to earn on ICO advertising campaigns. You need to have an account at bitcointalk.org and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets in order to start participating in Bounty.

How is it possible to get cryptocurrency without any investments?

The list of Bounty program tasks as well as the award amount directly depends on the selected ICO. Here are the most popular and standard ones:

  • registration on the site – confirmation of email, subscription to social networks, consent to receive email newsletters;
  • PR – likes, reposts, retweets, comments on forums, signatures with the project logo on various sites;
  • promote your own blog – writing reviews, translating news into other languages;
  • attracting new investors through partner’s link;
  • search for system errors;
  • design of the logo, site, etc.;
  • translation of articles and site into different languages;
  • help in the development of wallets, mobile applications, etc.

Recently, almost all ICOs conducted bounty. In accordance with the plan for the distribution of tokens, ICO can allocate a significant portion in any bounty campaign.For example, the first 100 investors can give 10% bonus tokens in order to motivate them to participate in ICO.

In other ICO bonuses distribution (bounty) is used in business management or company promotion on the market. For example, users can help developers to translate materials into other languages, participate in the discussion of the project on independent resources and so on.

How does it work?

ICO usually offers several remuneration options. For example, a startup allocates 2% of 300 million tokens per bounty. Received tokens are used for buying and selling services within the platform or can be sold on the secondary market.
An advantage of cryptocurrency as a form of payment is that it can grow in the future, as more and more people join and use the service.

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