Medicare Made Easy Pt 1

Medicare Made Easy Pt 1

Many people applying for the Original Medicare (Parts A and B) plan are new to their Medicare insurance plans. This includes senior citizens aged 65 or over and under 65 who are entitled to certain disabilities or illnesses. Meanwhile, it may be difficult to change the Medicare plan after years of using the insurance.

Here is a brief review of the different Medicare plan options available to recipients, as well as information on how to request and answer the most frequently asked questions:

Health insurance options:

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C and Original Medicare, Part A and B are the two main types of Medicare insurance.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare insurance includes coverage for parts A and B.

Part A of Medicare is an insurance for hospitalization that includes inpatient hospital care, hospice care, and home care for the elderly.

Medicare Part B is a medical/physician insurance that covers routine services and outpatient, such as blood tests and other laboratory tests, surgeries and medical examinations. Medicare Part B also includes durable medical equipment and consumables that are medically necessary (such as artificial limbs or prams).

In addition, it includes some preventive services (e.g. flu vaccine), ambulance insurance, and psychosocial services. Some medications can be insured when given to the doctor.

Individuals with original Medicare coverage can also purchase supplemental or Medigap or Medicare insurance as the name suggests, offers insurance for expenses that are not covered by Original Medicare. The Medicare / Medigap supplementary insurance plans are sold by private insurance companies. The cost of Medigap insurance can vary depending on the insurer. Hence, it is imperative to compare options of Medigap before choosing an insurance plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, are health insurance plans offered by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are legally obligated to provide at least the same insurance benefits as Medicare Original, but may include additional benefits not covered by Medicare, such as:

Medicare Advantage fonts include:

Healthcare Organization (HMO) plans are provided by hospitals and health care providers, also referred to as the network for this supplier strategy.

The plans of organizing preferred suppliers offer the services of doctors, hospitals and clinics connected at a lower price.

The private tariff for service plans sets specific amounts from which it is necessary to pay different types of doctors, hospital visits and other health professionals. For any insurance you get, make sure your doctors, hospitals, and other insurers agree to give you treatment according to the plan and they will accept the payment terms for this plan.

Special Needs Plans are aimed at people with certain illnesses or complaints, people living in certain facilities and other Medicaid and Medicare registrants. These plans aim to provide the best possible insurance. Remember that the Medicare Advantage provider network can change at any time. If you are a member of a 2020 Medicare Advantage plan, you can get informed and enrolled at to be insured.