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ValueCash (XVL)

Type: ICO
Trading & Investing
Platform: token Ethereum Ethereum
Website: Web site
Whitepaper: Whitepaper


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704% done
Start: 01/08/2018
Finish: 01/31/2018
-139 days left

VALUECASH is an enhanced cryptocurrency for store of value, developed to allow everyone easy access to e-commerce, investment, lending and minting. With blockchain technology, value cash is position to restructure and decentralize e-commerce and investment Ecosystem.

VALUECASH as a means of payment helps to ease the payment burden inherent in the traditional payment system with its speed of light transactions which in turn enables Global Market for Merchants, increases market accessibility and rewards both Merchants and Users who accept and offer VALUECASH.

E-commerce: Value cash provides effective and efficient safe and secure platform for every electronic transaction. As the name implies, there is value increase for every transaction done with value cash for every users.

Creating wealth: Community users will be able to transact easily which will create massive traffic for merchants as they accept the coin on their platform.

Staking: you can easily stake VALUECASH via proof of stake ( POS)

Proof of Trade (PoT) – When a successful trade occurs through the ValueCash Blockchain, both sellers (merchants) and buyers who completed a trade are rewarded accordingly. Complete reformation beyond limits and the power given back to the community (people).

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