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Machtcoin (MCH)

Type: ICO
Data Storage
Platform: token Ethereum Ethereum
Website: Web site
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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646% done
Start: 01/15/2018
Finish: 02/08/2018
-131 days left

A cryptocurrency build with the latest blockchain technology and ready to boost your adrenaline and competitive sense to be a champion. MACHTCOIN creating an eco-system application in one platform based on our 3 pillars of projects that consist of:

1. Sport

We will build a sport betting system that no longer need third parties or agencies involvement in its operational. many sports will be included. we ensure you fast proccess and low fees transaction in the process without any manipulation. all transaction will use Machtcoin and bitcoin

2. Travel

Our travel platform is unique. we build travel and tourism platform based on your recommendation. Big data mining will involve users and commercial company in our platform. users can provide any travel and tourism destination with their geo-tag selfies, and what’s make it interesting is you will get rewards from it. any commercial and local travel service providers could list their services in our custom database system. it will be convenient for all travelers to get recommendation. you can book and browsing places at the same time. MACHTCOIN will be your next alternative payment alongside common fiat currency for your traveling.

3. Trading

We will provide trading platform to increase your profit with the traditional trading method and binary option method

CoinLion (LION)
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