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Bob Token (BOB)

Type: ICO
Identity & Reputation
Platform: token EthereumEthereum
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Start: 01/04/2018
Finish: 02/04/2018
-135 days left

Bob’s Repair is a company that was created in order to eliminate review fraud in the skilled trade service industry by launching a decentralized website where anyone can search by previous transactions for any worker and see how much their services. Smart move to wipe out extortion in the talented exchange industry.

There is a confusion among various youths today that the fundamental route to a productive calling is through standard school or universities. This has deserted us with a critical number of the going with people:

They do not understand what to do with them and they offer no verifiable work openings.

They tidy up into gridlock jobs with no authentic space for progress

They find their way into a trade unexpectedly or fortunes and truly take in a couple of aptitudes, benefit and push their job

The overemphasis set on the school course has blinded various youths to a certifiable livelihood in the talented or gifted exchange.

Since you are here then you ought to at any rate appreciate that that gifted exchanges exist, yet you apparently have questions.

The term gifted exchange envelops vocation ways that require manual work yet are far over the level of basic work or a development work.

Representations that ring a ringer are:

Circuit tester, Pipe Fitter, Plumber, Mechanic, Machinist, Framer, Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, HVAC Technician and so forth.

From insights assembled from wikipedia.org, I watched that exchange or talented laborers acquire more than some college alum yet there is misrepresentation in a similar industry; the gifted exchange industry, and as we probably am aware, wherever extortion exit, there will undoubtedly be question and where doubt exit, there will be no genuine feelings of serenity for a decent exchange, or administrations to be rendered or gotten. Remembering than, I acquaint with you Bob’s Repair stage.

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